Tuesday 21 July 2020

Celebrating 20 Years of the Film Theatre Website

The original 2000 design
It was early in 2000 when the Film Theatre decided to take its first steps onto the world wide web.

The original version of website was set up by Warren Tomson, one of our volunteer projectionists. It was put together with the help of a library book on html and the Notepad programme on a PC running Windows 3.1. Updates were uploaded to a Freeserve domain using a dial up internet connection. It goes to show not only how much the technology has moved on but how much we have come to rely on the internet in the last 20 years.
Version 2

Sadly Warren passed away suddenly in July 2000, not long after the website first went live.

Since that time Robert has been involved in keeping the website going; developing the original design, moving the website to a proper domain and launching the blog to handle the weekly email updates. Noel later became involved in the design aspects of the site and implemented the more modern content management system. We also partnered with Tor Systems who handle the online booking and payment system for us. Between them they continue to keep the website, blog and mailing list running today.